byes kty (officially retired)
kty makes me ahafhjsdkljgit gurgftff mehggy mofopieceofshet jtyvgb grrhhggh and pffftthahahaa dhjcfvf h4jhhgbr ghaiuwefuru erf defref and sometimes rkgjt tirurugirer guitgt lolwtfgf mehehe vfre gfre yeaaaaa. doyouseemyprob?
say hello to goodbye

hey everyone, i’m finally done with kty and melons and pornz and evrythin that hurts… so imma bid goodbye to errbody and tumblr and and an- *ugly sobbing*

i will miss chu guise very muchie :’(

goodbye and saranghaeyo~


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HAPPY NEW YEAR and goodbyez.

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An accurate depiction of Jessica and Tiffany

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sooyoung truly displaying her wit as an mc during her acceptance speech for the ‘rookie award (mc category)’ at sbs entertainment awards

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Hwang’s slogans.

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